Anal fissures and hemorrhoids

We primarily recommend using HemaGel PROCTO suppositories on these type of wounds

1. Introduce the suppository into the rectum, if possible after defecation and washing, rounded end first.

2. Tear off 1 suppository from the strip along the perforation, gently tear and peel the wrapper and remove the suppository.

3. Insert the suppository rounded end first deep into the rectum, preferably in a slightly bent position.

4. Unless instructed by the doctor otherwise, use one suppository per day, preferably overnight.

If the mucosa has been damaged even around the rectum, you can also apply a thin layer of gel on the outer part.

HemaGel PROCTO does not treat the cause of hemorrhoids, but alleviates pain and stops bleeding very quickly and successfully.

We recommend HemaGel PROCTO for patients who suffer from hemorrhoids which are not at such a stage that surgery is required.

On the contrary, we recommend HemaGel PROCTO for patients after hemorrhoid surgery for healing.

Recommended pack: HemaGel PROCTO