Burns (1st and 2nd degree)

HemaGel is a medicinal product which is suitable also for the treatment of wounds resulting from the action of heat. It accelerates the process of healing, prevents wound desiccation and precludes the formation of scars. Its positive effects are potentiated by the binding of adverse oxygen radicals, maintaining the optimal pH in the wound, adding moisture to the wound, which also prevents desiccation, substantially reduces wound pain and already during the healing process significantly softens and improves the appearance of subsequent scars. A further merit is that it does not contain antibiotics or any ingredients of biological origin.

In a home environment, we recommend treating only minor burns. If the burns are more extensive, seek medical help.

Application of HemaGel to burns (minor burns from a kitchen stove, scalding by hot water, sunburn)

1. Gently clean the burn mechanically.

2. Open the tube by piercing the top with the tip of the screw cap.

3. Apply the gel to the burn in a thin, 1-2 mm layer. The gel will stick to the bottom of the wound and gradually absorb the secretions and further fluids from the wound.

4. Carefully cover the wound with a non-adherent dressing (tulle dressing, e.g. Atrauman) and with a further layer that can be a cushioned plaster or other fixing material. (Make sure that there is no air between the covering material and surface of the burn which would prevent the effective action of the HemaGel.)

5. If you get burnt, you can also use HemaGel to cool the wound – just place the tube in a fridge and the effect of reducing pain after applying a cool gel will be even greater.

6. The effect of the gel is seen by its swelling. Its unique technology prevents it from sticking to the wound and thereby makes it very easy to remove the gel by gently and painlessly wiping it off.

7. Redress depending on the nature and development of the defect, but no later than after 24 hours.

8. If the wound is not healing, seek medical help.

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