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What exactly is meant by the wound base, to which HemaGel should be applied?

This is the bottom layer of tissue in the wound. 

 How should I proceed when the skin is grazed on a person’s back?

First the wound should be washed with warm water to remove any dirt. Then a layer of HemaGel is applied and the wound is covered with a non-absorbent bandage. It is necessary to wash the wound again with warm water before each subsequent application to remove the old layers of HemaGel; then a new layer is applied.

 Can HemaGel be used on open wounds that are not healing well?

Yes HemaGel can be used after the dead tissue is completely removed. This should be performed at a professional medical workplace.

How long after the application of HemaGel does it begin to take effect and how long does it take for the graze to completely heal?

HemaGel begins to take effect immediately; it calms and cools the wound. The healing time is individual and depends on the size of the injury; however, in general, it is 40 – 60% shorter than classical treatment.

My injury caused a grazed chin and face. When I want to apply HemaGel, is it always necessary to wash the skin before a new application?

Grazes on the face should be washed during your daily hygiene and then you should apply HemaGel. Even after it dries, HemaGel remains slightly sticky; if this bothers you, you can cover it with a bandage with a pad.

Can HemaGel also be applied to the skin that appears after a scab comes off?

Yes, this thin new skin should also be treated with HemaGel until the wound heals completely.

Does HemaGel also help to treat old scars?

HemaGel is best used to heal new and older wounds. Unfortunately, it cannot help old wounds that have already healed.

I fell down and cut my head, lip and chin. Can I use HemaGel on stitched wounds that still contain the stitches?

Yes, HemaGel can be used on these wounds. We recommend that you begin treatment with HemaGel immediately.

Can HemaGel be used on wounds that have already closed, more than 15 days old?

We recommend that this be tried. HemaGel is most effective on fresh scars or wounds and the effect on a healed wound need not be as great. Nonetheless, we recommend that you try HemaGel because this can help to smooth the scar with a return to the natural pigmentation of the skin.

Can HemaGel be used on fresh scars after an operation on which a scab is forming? Is it necessary to remove this scab?

You can use HemaGel on scars following an operation without any worries. However, we do not recommend that you remove the scab; you should use lots of HemaGel and cover the wound with a sufficient amount. As this is a damp healing process, the scabs should partially peel off during the next re-bandaging after twelve hours.

Can I use HemaGel on a fresh wound following an operation?

You can use HemaGel on any type of wound or scar after an operation.

Can HemaGel be used for an infected wound that is also being treated with antibiotics?

HemaGel can certainly be used in this case. However, it is necessary to continue treatment with the antibiotics as HemaGel speeds up healing and scar formation.

After childbirth, I have a stitched perineum and tears around my rectum and other scars between the rectum and vagina. Can I use HemaGel to treat wounds in this region?

You can begin treatment immediately; HemaGel is also suitable for treating the injuries you described. No problems are encountered with use in the genital region.

Can HemaGel be applied to scars around the eye lid to decrease their conspicuousness?

No problems should be encountered in application around the eye lids. It is sufficient to apply only a thin layer of HemaGel and this need not be covered.

Can I apply HemaGel to post-operational scars on a small child?

Yes, of course you can. HemaGel has favourable healing properties, it does not enter the organism; it acts only on the surface of the wound and thus has no side effects.

Is it necessary to remove the old layer of HemaGel every time I apply a new layer?

It is recommended that the area be washed if the HemaGel has been in the scar for more than ten hours; a new layer should then be applied.

Can a scar be completely removed using HemaGel?

There is no point in having excessive expectations in this case. The scar will certainly be less conspicuous, but unfortunately we can’t promise miracles.

Is it necessary to disinfect decubitus ulcers before applying HemaGel?

It is recommended that the standard procedure be used to treat decubitus ulcers (bed sores), i.e. rinsing the wound with a rinse solution, drying the wound and subsequent application of HemaGel.

Can HemaGel be used on deep bed sores?

Yes, you can certainly use it as it is very effective against bed sores. However, we recommend that any necrosis be removed from the wound before the gel is applied. If the wound is deep, don’t fill it all up but spread the HemaGel over the sides and bottom. However, we recommend that you consult a physician about such complicated injuries.

Can I use HemaGel for fissures around the rectum?

Yes, HemaGel can be used for fissures around the rectum. The use of HemaGel for this problem has been successfully tested and the results were excellent: in these cases we recommend that HemaGel procto in the form of suppositories be used.

 Can HemaGel be used for the mucous membranes around the genitals?

HemaGel can be used without any problems for treating injuries around the genitals.

 Can HemaGel be used to treat venous (crural) ulcers?

Yes, it can. However, it is necessary to apply the HemaGel only to living tissue and to regularly remove necrotic tissue.

Can I apply HemaGel to a recurring venous ulcer in an older person?

Age is not important when applying HemaGel. It is being increasingly used for venous ulcers, including in hospitals, and the results are outstanding. However, the dressing should be changed daily and a sufficient amount of gel should be used.

Is it necessary to use disinfection under HemaGel when treating venous ulcers?

Yes, you can use disinfectant; however, the wound should be left to dry thoroughly before applying HemaGel.

Can HemaGel be used on a venous ulcer in its initial stages before it completely opens?

Yes, HemaGel can be used in this stage; however, in general, HemaGel is recommended especially for defects where the skin is broken.