HemaGel is a IIb class medicinal product intended to heal acute and chronic wounds. The efficacy of HemaGel is based on a patent protected structure of polymer gel with built in hindrance amino groups, which act as scavengers of free oxygen radicals (ROS). This ability is unique in HemaGel and cannot be found in any other cover.

Thanks to its macromolecular structure, HEMAGEL DOES NOT PENETRATE THE ORGANISM, which means that no contradindications were shown and HemaGel can be used by:

  • All age categories and newborns
  • Pregnant and breast-feeding women
  • Polymorbid and polymedicated patients

HemaGel is
a hydrophilic methacrylate gel based on cross-linked copolymer containing:

  • 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate, containing polymer bound steric hindrance aminos groups (HEMA/HAS)
  • Macrogol 300
  • purified water

Hydrophilic polymers — biocompatibility testing in vitro
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