Injuries (cuts, grazes)

1. Thoroughly clean the injured skin from mechanical impurities which could subsequently irritate and damage the wound.

2. If you wish, you can disinfect the wound (e.g. with hydrogen peroxide)

3. Open the tube by piercing the top with the tip of the screw cap.

4. Apply a thin, 1-2mm layer of HemaGel to the injured wound. The gel will stick and gradually absorb the secretions and other fluids from the wound.

5. If required, for example for bigger grazes, after a fall from a bike or skates, cover the wound with with impregnated tulle dressing (e.g. Atrauman) and apply a square of gauze or dressing and plaster. Cover minor injuries, if possible, after applying the gel, with a cushioned plaster – but gently spread the HemaGel across the wound and the plaster cushion so it does not absorb the HemaGel from the wound before sticking on the plaster.

6. Treat minor injuries, such as those on the face or in places where there is a risk that HemaGel will get wiped off, by applying HemaGel after cleaning the wound and leave open without covering the injury.

7. Redress depending on the injured skin, no later than after 24 hours.

Seek medical help if the wound is more extensive.

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