Post-operative wounds, scars

1. Wash the post-operative wound.

2. Apply a thin film to the post-operative wound slightly overlapping into the healthy skin.

3. Cover the wound if need be, such as in larger grazes, after falling off a bike or on skates, with impregnated tulle dressing (e.g. Atrauman) and then apply a square of gauze or dressing and plaster. Cover minor scars, if possible, with a cushioned plaster or Dermafoil after applying the gel.

4. Treat minor injuries, such as those on the face or in places where there is a risk that HemaGel will get wiped off, by applying HemaGel after cleaning the wound and leave open without covering the injury.

5. Redress depending on the injured skin, first after 24 hours, then extend the interval depending on the condition of the healing wound.

Recommended pack: HemaGel ESTETIC